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Sandra is very professional and talented. I used her for three audiobooks where she needed various British accents, and each one was done well. Sandra works quickly and efficiently, and cares about the quality of the finished audiobook.:  Erica Monroe

I really enjoyed narrating these books.  Summerlark and The Missing Thane's War by Brandon Draga.  These are the first two in a series of four.  

Such wonderful characters from innocent, simple folk to downright evil and just about everything in between.  Great storyline too, if you enjoy dwarves, wizards, elves and walking, talking rats, speaking  a myriad of accents, you will love these books.  


i love books, I would live in the pages of certain books if I could.  Now I spend a lot of time producing audiobooks.  Enjoy some of my titles.  

About Me

To tell  you something about myself!    I was born in Nairobi, East Africa to British parents, my father was in the army.  Needless to say we traveled around a lot and eventually I went to boarding school in Hertfordshire, England to get a good education, which I suppose I did but didn't care for it much!  From there a move to the north of England and a banking job!  Didn't care for that much either!   From there to Canada.   Moved around a lot there also.  In 2002 I moved to China for a year, just to check it out and ended up staying for 13 years.  Teaching English no less at least my good education gave me something!  Now I am back in Canada living in Maple Ridge which is on the outskirts of Vancouver and here I shall stay for the time being. 

You may have noticed my little Molly at the top of the page, yes she likes audiobooks too.  She is the sweetest dog ever, but only with me, she doesn't like other dogs or other people particularly, except now she has a best friend,  another Molly who lives upstairs.  It has only taken her 18 months to warm up, now they spend time together every day!

I am very excited about a new title just realeased on Audible and coming soon to all the other fine audiobook sales places!  Our Woman in Jamaica by James Ward.  If you love James Bond you will love Ruby Parker!

 "I was delighted with Sandra Elizabeth Cullum's reading of my novel, Our Woman in Jamaica. Her clarity, diction and pace were ideal throughout. She was an excellent communicator and finished the work well before the deadline."   James Ward

More books

The titles on this side and many more are available free at Librivox,org under my name Sandra Cullum

Librivox news

 haven't read anything for Librivox in such a long time. I am working to rectify that as Librivox is where I got my start producing audiobooks.   I am now working on John Thorndyke's Cases by R. Austin Freeman should be available some time this decade!   

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